I have shortage of food : )

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I have shortage of food
but i can see few ways that will feed thousands with a day

I am not from homeless,jet
but i can see how it can happen with many

I an not a parent
but i can see ways how you can grow up with your kids

I am short to handle my cable bill
but i can share my mind how media can help millions

I do not have my laptop anymore,
but i can show you how computers can turn as to humane

I am not software coder
But i can see how our evolution direction can be altered with code

I might not be good at explaining things with language
but i see combination of words that can turn world upside down

i am not a warlord
but i can see how military can put to rest

i am not lawyer
but i can see how we can turn laws in to powerless paper

i am not a movie star
but i can share few ideas how to make extraordinary movies

I am not politician
but i can show few ways how to change world politic

i am not corrupt
but i can show you you can co-operate with Everyone, honestly

i am not a priest
but i can show you how religion can save our world

i am not a criminal
but i can see the reasons

i am not just paranoid
but i feel the ones who are above us are also on my side

i am not psychiatrist
but i can see many ways how to work better with our mind

i am not in asylum
but i am not sure if its true or right

i am not shaman
but i can take you to trips you will newer forget

i am not an healer
but i can see so many ways of healing

i am not Insane
as i see some doubt if i can be in sane

i am not insane
as i see my self to be outside sane, if this is sane what it seems to be

i am not sure what it is
but as soon i think about money i ‘need to make’ …everything locks up, i cant write, cant think clearly and at all cant plan or research or Live
whats up with that, i love money

but seriously thought, if my landlord would also love this song video as much i do:


Left & Right

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Left & right brain as they say… one looks big picture as whole and then based on this looks the small details and ‘other side’ comes with details first to form from them a big picture. (also one might look that one is earthly or secular or , ns)
If right & left are equally macing in near middle way – by knowing it before hand (but not to early, that they are wrong in partly or in whole), then one can see in natural/neutral field – was left or right right or is giving left needed details to re-visualize the big picture. or is big picture (as it seems) giving more/better meaning to the details. If meeting point is not in center then one’s can look issue in equally nearest alternative way to to widen current picture fundamentals and to confirm on how many details or concepts one was wrong. Visualized structure can become more organic when it’s combined with fantasy..

So only part left is to determinate where/how is the center point located. Or is it right to…

lol, if i would only know how to say all this pictures in simple way so it would (be)practical fantasy?


Egoless Co-Operation Business

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(Basics text – will be updated later on)
How can business, corporate business be loved?

1) Co-Operation
.:. Competitor = Future possible partner (How?)
.:. Search for potential competitors for co-operation (Why?)
.:. Compete only for good services not for market share (Why?)
2) Respect
.:. Respect yourself as World around you (Mh?)
.:. See products from Client point of view (And?)
.:. Keep in mind rules of Judo (What rules?)
3) Keep business original, innovative, new and Simple
.:. Do not develop anything for the sake of “Something New” (Explain)
.:. Find ways to use something better ( )
.:. If you do not ask you will not get anything (A.R.)

Even thought we can newer be sure that other side of screen, one sees these words same way as writer – we can assure – mistake is not on your side 🙂

We will update these thoughts in these days – to make them so that more of us can see similar different picture. Here & here is few words about language that might come handy and might not be.

Some insight’s about copyright & original thought


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Teatud järgnevad teadmatta teadmised wõivad-viia-tuua meid teadmatuseni.
Wõivad-vahest-olla ka-kasutult kahetsemist vääriwat.


Tea, me ei tea teadlikult mida taeme

Me saame olla:
Tegija – Kes aitab seda tehaja olla teadja

Teadja – Kes saab tegijate tegudest teada


Sõnade Zoom

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Kuna weebis veel sõna/lausete tähenduse sisse ei saa (kordades) Zoomida (jättes seejuures alles kasutajamugavuse) kogun erinevate kanalite lausete/sõnade tähendused siia. Need postitused ei pruugi omada iseseisvalt mingit olulist tähendust ega pole ka mõeldud eraldi lugemiseks.

Lisa tõdemus;
Iga väikese probleemi taga Suured võimalused

SõnaZoomi konsept:

Make your files social besides your identity

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I wonder, how come my computer is not so social. Everything i have in my storing devices can be accessed people with better computer skills/tools. So why bother to secure them, close them off from everyday surfers? Story how computer’s go online and how we are not afraid anymore. Potential of computing & “social-pc portal”

The basics:

From possible 0 to possible 3 to ..

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