Egoless Co-Operation Business

(Basics text – will be updated later on)
How can business, corporate business be loved?

1) Co-Operation
.:. Competitor = Future possible partner (How?)
.:. Search for potential competitors for co-operation (Why?)
.:. Compete only for good services not for market share (Why?)
2) Respect
.:. Respect yourself as World around you (Mh?)
.:. See products from Client point of view (And?)
.:. Keep in mind rules of Judo (What rules?)
3) Keep business original, innovative, new and Simple
.:. Do not develop anything for the sake of “Something New” (Explain)
.:. Find ways to use something better ( )
.:. If you do not ask you will not get anything (A.R.)

Even thought we can newer be sure that other side of screen, one sees these words same way as writer – we can assure – mistake is not on your side 🙂

We will update these thoughts in these days – to make them so that more of us can see similar different picture. Here & here is few words about language that might come handy and might not be.

Some insight’s about copyright & original thought


Üks vastus to “Egoless Co-Operation Business”

  1. Lets hope, that some day some one will return my notebooks to me… so am can also activate the model that was based on it, on four elements
    am really love that model… am lack confidence anyone can activate and use it with out my full instructions… in a neededway

    or who knows.. all is possible

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