Left & Right

Left & right brain as they say… one looks big picture as whole and then based on this looks the small details and ‘other side’ comes with details first to form from them a big picture. (also one might look that one is earthly or secular or , ns)
If right & left are equally macing in near middle way – by knowing it before hand (but not to early, that they are wrong in partly or in whole), then one can see in natural/neutral field – was left or right right or is giving left needed details to re-visualize the big picture. or is big picture (as it seems) giving more/better meaning to the details. If meeting point is not in center then one’s can look issue in equally nearest alternative way to to widen current picture fundamentals and to confirm on how many details or concepts one was wrong. Visualized structure can become more organic when it’s combined with fantasy..

So only part left is to determinate where/how is the center point located. Or is it right to…

lol, if i would only know how to say all this pictures in simple way so it would (be)practical fantasy?



2 kommentaari to “Left & Right”

  1. Yes, and knowing the word orders.. spellings in spetaculary elequant way.. is secondary importance to the value what is on urge to be expressed, as these who interest to know will look on to words as cordinates anyway to try to pinpoint something another one try to mark up with combination of words and letter combinations resabeling words near enought.

    But there is some errors in many minds and one will stop behind first error of LINGUISTIC rule.. instead looking the picture…

    So perhaps, even when writting in perfectness, then there is little use for this for these kind of mind who stop on data, as digital…

    as example Waffas page sample doc in here:

  2. Got updates for that

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