I have shortage of food : )

I have shortage of food
but i can see few ways that will feed thousands with a day

I am not from homeless,jet
but i can see how it can happen with many

I an not a parent
but i can see ways how you can grow up with your kids

I am short to handle my cable bill
but i can share my mind how media can help millions

I do not have my laptop anymore,
but i can show you how computers can turn as to humane

I am not software coder
But i can see how our evolution direction can be altered with code

I might not be good at explaining things with language
but i see combination of words that can turn world upside down

i am not a warlord
but i can see how military can put to rest

i am not lawyer
but i can see how we can turn laws in to powerless paper

i am not a movie star
but i can share few ideas how to make extraordinary movies

I am not politician
but i can show few ways how to change world politic

i am not corrupt
but i can show you you can co-operate with Everyone, honestly

i am not a priest
but i can show you how religion can save our world

i am not a criminal
but i can see the reasons

i am not just paranoid
but i feel the ones who are above us are also on my side

i am not psychiatrist
but i can see many ways how to work better with our mind

i am not in asylum
but i am not sure if its true or right

i am not shaman
but i can take you to trips you will newer forget

i am not an healer
but i can see so many ways of healing

i am not Insane
as i see some doubt if i can be in sane

i am not insane
as i see my self to be outside sane, if this is sane what it seems to be

i am not sure what it is
but as soon i think about money i ‘need to make’ …everything locks up, i cant write, cant think clearly and at all cant plan or research or Live
whats up with that, i love money

but seriously thought, if my landlord would also love this song video as much i do:


7 kommentaari to “I have shortage of food : )”

  1. Update: year+ after writing this, i did live as homeless in London with squatters, arrived back few moths ago.

    With no income, but free food from bins mostly : )

    • ..and have had no bills to pay. Still, everything owned have to be resolved some day, …as this strange thing. Out of all, these things still feel real,
      … whatever you see in world, that even All was made up..
      but when we have this resource and someone who give us on times when we was short asks, then how could you keep your illusion, that all was made up ?
      You do feel, that one has right to ask (humans at least, …the interest of %… this is tricky one, after same point..should we “rebel” …)

      • i want to make collection of philosophies (if they can called so) that enforce not caring, of other beings. These are interesting collections as you see like there would be so many people who try so hard to make them self in to belief as he have rational reason not to care for everyone.

        For sure, these things are flawed and silly, but it would be helpful for diagnoses, as they are part of some truth (that is more) so they can be explained (to be incomplete) by the truth

  2. Now before Christmas am in still a bit of same situation before 2015 as am was on 2011…
    World is still dense and opportunities jump in and out daily.

    Have been living with my sister, my brothers, my mother and stepfather, mothers dear friend and Her man in bee farm and right now last days in my Fathers farm… still have got good, deeper connection with my mother and at some times father as well talks on the topics in a way that am would imagine is supportive but the situation where he have to live with a mind does find only a common people way that there is no result if there is no product. That can be seen.

    So now my dear my long time heart friend had idea to bring me to warmer aria where am more cared for but even that paradise is under system spell.. so we still got to do it a bit of a system way..

    Will see if am able to end up there and should am do there first or should spend Christmas with a dear mother first as am dreamed.

    Still on the search for the one who would want to believe in to what am see…and who would want to have the world as a gift.

    • Have been helping parents in a farm and have had a roof and food for a most part but really really would need to ..for everyones sake as well, some day.. to ..

      the list is still the same… as it has been

      • Have been able to be under roof now in Türi (saved from cold winter), arrived here after sleeping under a tree in Viljandi and spend some time trying to build relationship with women from another world who is in direct connection with dead ( this end up as near fatal disaster).

        Will hope to me moving to new place in Võidula. That means well, in Estonian.

        But still ideas greater then ever but ability’s low as usual, still waiting, hoping to find a woman so we can do that together..she must be somewhere besides lost love who keeps to be in my view a bit arrogant or invaded by Beings and does not wish to be in connection.

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