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I have shortage of food : )

Posted in Teadmatus on detsember 17, 2011 by Waffa Margus Meigo Tikkun Olam Maailmaparandaja

I have shortage of food
but i can see few ways that will feed thousands with a day

I am not from homeless,jet
but i can see how it can happen with many

I an not a parent
but i can see ways how you can grow up with your kids

I am short to handle my cable bill
but i can share my mind how media can help millions

I do not have my laptop anymore,
but i can show you how computers can turn as to humane

I am not software coder
But i can see how our evolution direction can be altered with code

I might not be good at explaining things with language
but i see combination of words that can turn world upside down

i am not a warlord
but i can see how military can put to rest

i am not lawyer
but i can see how we can turn laws in to powerless paper

i am not a movie star
but i can share few ideas how to make extraordinary movies

I am not politician
but i can show few ways how to change world politic

i am not corrupt
but i can show you you can co-operate with Everyone, honestly

i am not a priest
but i can show you how religion can save our world

i am not a criminal
but i can see the reasons

i am not just paranoid
but i feel the ones who are above us are also on my side

i am not psychiatrist
but i can see many ways how to work better with our mind

i am not in asylum
but i am not sure if its true or right

i am not shaman
but i can take you to trips you will newer forget

i am not an healer
but i can see so many ways of healing

i am not Insane
as i see some doubt if i can be in sane

i am not insane
as i see my self to be outside sane, if this is sane what it seems to be

i am not sure what it is
but as soon i think about money i ‘need to make’ …everything locks up, i cant write, cant think clearly and at all cant plan or research or Live
whats up with that, i love money

but seriously thought, if my landlord would also love this song video as much i do:



Posted in Teadmatus on november 18, 2011 by Waffa Margus Meigo Tikkun Olam Maailmaparandaja


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