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Talking about relationship, i will write one other special section about something that we would see in sooner or later anyway – Mach of people in face book. Dating portal option. There is a lot of people, from who would just like to get laid to the beings who are searching some intelligent portal that would filter this kind of persons that are needed (from interests to psychological profile) out from crowd. But dating portal needs to have some stronger value then pictures and favorite food in information fields, the this portal section needs first develop some values themselves with various professionals from different corners. We can square the possibilities with ease how much more different, difficult and important is to get things right here + we need to offer something new to old date surfers and to new pure beings who will find ones way to ones ‘Soul Mate’ thanks to electronics.

So here i will list in these days some some options/features that has been missing from many good dating portals:


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