Not sure

To add some fantasy in to the story:
We are not sure If we should learn all the life for our selves or should we put our knowledge to work to as many years as it’s possible while remaining satisfied.
We are not sure if we should depend on only our knowledge and writings or should we read and act by what others have written.
We are not sure if this state of mind here is like life school system, evolving training program or is this here where we are based on our limited usage of freewill.
We are not sure if freewill will apply also to the systems above as bellow.
We are not sure if or mistakes (habits, food, anger, meeleLahutus, pride) are kind of our traps or are they endless ways for us to evolve after we realize the repeated mistakes.
We are not sure if war, drugs, media and some other leading powers should all stay in respective positions or should we use last of it as it was meant before moving on?
We are not sure if we should start soon offer stronger mental healing to everyone who still thinks sometimes best solution is violence or is it impossible to define “harmful mind” by current science ?
We are not sure if the ones who say they are enlightened know more or did they see all this more directly and know the limitations and power of language
We are not sure if current prison and education systems are up-to-dated & organized by people who have healthy and non violent mind or should we look in to these people mind who help to appoint them instead.
We are not convinced jet that no education, system or control is better then flawed one.
We are not sure if current leaders are with so good mind that they can stay or should we not use the tools we have for change?
We are not sure if it’s good that humans by nature get addicted to nearly anything or should we not use media addiction as one of the tools?
We are not sure if these systems that seem to but people in to different mental boxes are as effective if there is not implemented proper system for push people faster from one state to another or should we just dispose these parts of system that are counter productive to us?
We are not sure if Aliens, God, Spirits, Angels, Mythical creatures are all one and same thing as basic psychology describes it or is there many people who just make things up by interpreting some details to others based on their limited picture what can be.
We are not sure if people consider usefulness of saving data if this does not help them to evolve.
We are not sure if most people lacking possibility to imagine the potential ability that can be if we replace many misguided activities with productive ones.
We do not think one should limit anyone with these things here to not be sure about as we do not think one should be sure about all of these things.

Send us some things that you are not sure about or should you instead comment? 🙂
We are not sure.


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